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 Important About Poses & Characters For Models

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PostSubject: Important About Poses & Characters For Models   Thu Nov 28, 2013 10:06 am

With regards to content and the new programs and models we are seeing coming out the past couple years and in the near future.

Up until a couple years ago, everything in Daz and Poser was compatible between the two programs, except for Dynamics and shaders.  These two things have not changed, they still are not compatible between the two, however, we are now seeing incompatibility between each programs versions as well.  Content made for earlier Poser and Daz versions are not working well with the newer versions currently available, with very few exceptions.

The latest incompatibility seems to be with the very latest Poser and Daz and their respective models and content.  I can not speak much for Poser, though can relate what I have read others state and that is the fact the newest one is not producing content that is very compatible with the older versions.  That's about all I have heard about it.  With regards to Daz, there is a much larger incompatibility going on.

For those interested in Daz, this is what is happening.  They now have a model called Genesis, with the latest being Genesis2.  The first one was a single model that would morph into the required form needed...male, female, child, creature, monster, etc.  They also have what is called iconic packs that allow you to shape the original form into the Gen4 or Gen3 series models, thereby allowing one to use these shapes on Genesis, which in turn would let you use the clothes and character textures from both those series models.  With the added pack of GenX you could also use the morphs for the two series on Genesis.  So basically you would get the main figure for free with the Daz Studio program, which came with a few morphs for you to play with. Then you would have to buy the morphs, of which you had head, then body, then creature morph packs, they did offer a bundle at a reduced rate.  In order to use the Generation 3 & 4 series you also had to buy the iconic shapes, and then the GenX pack.
Now they have the Genesis2 series, which does not morph into any form you need, they have separated them again, so you would have to get the male, then female (they have not come out with a child yet), with the separate morphs packs for each, as well as any other possible iconic shapes like they did with the first Genesis, and as yet have not heard if the GenX is working with Genesis2.  To top that off, you need the very latest Daz program to use many of the items made for Genesis2, as things like textures may not work in earlier versions.  Currently the latest program is free, but there is no telling how long that will last and the selling price is $249.00 US.

With the advent of signing on with a partner, things at Daz have changed drastically and it's a wait and see situation to know if this will be good or bad.  Many are angry with how things are changing at Daz and the cost some are accumulating in the process.  The one advantage someone has with Daz is called AutoFit, which allows a person to use Gen4 clothes on Genesis1, the AutoFit also works between Genesis1 and Genesis2, though you have to buy the V4 to Genesis2 in order for V4 stuff to fit the latest model.  They now have the Genesis2 Male and his M4 to Genesis2 in order to use that models clothes on the latest model.  As you can see, each new upgrade will cost you  The main models are still free in each program, the only problem is they are trying to fix it so you only have the latest.

Oh and better make sure your computer is up to par.  Dual core barely cuts it and you need at least a 4 gig video card in order for it to function properly.  You might get away with only a 2 gig card, but you will have problems.  You need at least a 1.6 Open GL, which ties in with your video card.  Plus you have to have enough ram, a minimum of 2.2 gigs, and that's the barest minimum the program will work with.  In point of case, I currently have a dual core with a 2.1 gig video card and 1.4 Open GL, so there are things I can't do with this program as a result.  My ram is also sitting at 2.0 gigs so have had a few crashes without warning.  Or I get a window popping up telling me I have a resource issue and the program has to close, not even allowing me to save my work before doing so.

On an upside, some have made morph packs for Genesis 1 & 2 for free, as well as some fixes for hands and feet when poses go wrong.  You can use Generation 4 clothes with the AutoFit on Gensis1, as well as use all poses made for Gen4.  Bare in mind, V4 pose only work well on the female Genesis, same for M4 for the male form and Kids4 for the child form.  Only Kids4 clothes work on the child, though you could get away with using any Daz dynamic clothing on it.  A few attempts to get the V4 version of clothes to work on the Genesis child have met with mixed results.  Long skirts and dresses don't conform well, though short one's do.  I do not know if pants will, haven't tested that yet.  Another plus is the many Generation 4 characters that have been made will let you use the textures on Genesis1, not Genesis2 unless you have the V4 to Genesis2 sold at Daz.  Of course that works the same way the clothes do, so don't try to put a V4 texture on the Genesis child, it won't work.  All Genesis forms will take all Genesis clothes, hair and footwear.  This may be true between Genesis 1 & 2 as well, though have not tested that yet.
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Important About Poses & Characters For Models
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