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 Poses Resources

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PostSubject: Poses Resources   Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:32 am

There are many places to get poses for your various models and I have come across a few that have a great selection for you to choose from. These poses are for M4 and V4 and can be used on Genesis1, though you might have to fix the hands and feet. There is a fix to help with these available at sharecg.

As I come across poses sets that might be of interest, I will post them here for you to check out.

The first two which have a large variety of poses you can collect, are one's I have used many times. Some poses require a prop and you will either get that prop with the poses or a link to where you can find it. In all cases with these two links, the props were free.

On sharecg she is known as JLK and on Renderosity she is known as Structure.  At either place (you must register and be logged in to download), you can find a wealth of poses for Victoria4 and Michael4, as well as some for Kids4.  You are most likely to find her poses on sharecg first, with 23 pages of poses, along with some characters complete with textures, some props and Poser scripts, to choose from.  She has 13 pages to choose from on Renderosity.  Please bare in mind that although the files on Renderosity are named differently then those on sharecg, they are the same files.  To save confusion, it's best to download from one of them and not both.



Pixeluna is another great place for lots of poses for V4 and M4, as well as couples poses, some props and a wide variety of characters.  It should be noted that only the last two or three characters come with textures, the rest are morphs only, but they are very good morphs and worth checking out.

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Poses Resources
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