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 Unique Alternative To Camper Vans & Mobile Trailers

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PostSubject: Unique Alternative To Camper Vans & Mobile Trailers   Wed Nov 06, 2013 7:57 am

Apparently there is now a way to have a mobile home...as in an actual house...on wheels.  These are tiny houses, built on trailers and used to drive around in and camp or whatever.  Whether or not you can take the house and put it on land as a permanent building depends on how it's secured to the trailer, otherwise you might not be able to take it off wheels.  Depending on how it's built, you can have a lot of room inside.  By building it yourself you have so much lea-way in how it's constructed that all options are pretty much open to you.  Many of these homes are built from used products and are either free or very cheap.  I think I like this idea so much better then a van simply due to the amount of space I would have in comparison.  The only thing I have not seen in my research is building one of these and attaching a vehicle to it instead of being pulled by a truck or car.  Downside is that if you use wood like most of these people did, it will be heavy and road restrictions need to be applied in your construction.  Also, I have so far only seen these home built on trailers with two tires or four tires grouped closely.  Now I have seen trailers where you have four tires but at opposite ends of the trailer, which would give more support for a heavier home (still have to be careful of weight though) and allow you to have a larger home.  Having a larger home on wheels is a better idea in the long run, partly because of the extra space you will have to live comfortably, and also on the off chance you can ever afford to buy land, you already have a starter home to remove from the trailer and place it permanently on your land.

Check out the video's below and see for yourself what these homes are like and if they would interest you.

This one is done up like the old Gypsy horse drawn type, really cute though small compared to the original Gypsy ones.

All of these gave me some great idea's for building a camper instead of buying one and in the long run it may be cheaper, not to mention I get exactly what I want in the trailer, designed the way I want to live.
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Unique Alternative To Camper Vans & Mobile Trailers
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