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 Pro's & Con's To Living On The Road

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PostSubject: Pro's & Con's To Living On The Road   Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:31 am

There are both pro's and con's to living this type of life, whether it be full fledged or half way. There are many things you need to consider before even considering this way of life.
A few of these things to consider will be your income, you will need to be able to maintain the vehicle in any situation. You will need food and drink, to have use of a bathroom and shower, especially if your vehicle is not equipped with one or both, you also need to be able to keep warm in the winter and how easy that will be will depend on where you are located during the winter months.
Other then the listed concerns you also need to know where you can park your vehicle and what regulations are at each place you decide to park at, this can include a parking lot or a camp ground and everything in between. You will need to know all these things if you decide to have a pet and what kind of pet you have has it's own pro's and con's.
You also need to be prepared for the reaction of family and friends once they are informed of your decision and any other choices relating to it. Some of them will support you, while others will criticize you. As was made known in one post about a lady who made the choice to live in a van and camp around, some of your friends and family may think you are unstable and try to have you committed.
You need to be concerned about safety and make sure you keep people up to date on what you are doing, where and with whom. Such information will be important if you ever go missing, not to mention if you don't keep in touch some will wonder if you are even alive and this can cause undue stress and worry (not good for the elderly).
There is most likely a whole list of things I have not covered, some I will eventually get to, yet this gives you a basic idea of what you are looking at. I have no intention of sugar coating pro's and con's, only give the actual facts as I come across them, either personally or through others, so that you (should you decide to follow this path) can do so well informed and with safety. I don't want to scare you, yet I don't want to give a dream life no one could probably live up to. Somewhere in the middle is a much healthier way of doing things.
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Pro's & Con's To Living On The Road
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