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 Businesses That Allow Parking Lot Camping

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PostSubject: Businesses That Allow Parking Lot Camping   Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:22 am

This was something I recently found out and is completely new to me. I have never heard to companies like large grocery store chains and department stores allowing people to stay in their parking lot, to camp in them. Now I don't know if this is in all provinces or even all cities and towns in one province, I only know that in my city there are three places that allow people to do this, for a limited time of course. I mean, you can't expect to spend months camping in a parking lot of a grocery store, though you do get to camp for a couple weeks at a time. It has been suggested this a good business due to the campers shopping at their place as a result, as well as extra security while the camper is there during the night. Nothing like you own personal, free of charge, neighborhood security. This is also good for the camper due to being money saving and the businesses will also have their own security, you only provide an extra pair of eyes, not to mention theives would have a hard time breaking into a place if there are a few witnesses about.
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Businesses That Allow Parking Lot Camping
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