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 Cabins And Lodges

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PostSubject: Cabins And Lodges   Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:20 am

The closest thing to a normal home is cabins and lodges though you are looking at a hefty price going this route. They are nice to use on occasion and great if you own one, then you have all the comforts necessary, no rent and constant access to the outdoors.

I found out that you can get a kit from home hardware and similar type places that provides you with all the wood and whatnot's you need to build a cabin/lodge and at a not too bad a price, certainly cheaper then buying and/or building a home in city or town limits.

Having a cottage in the woods near a stream is something I have dreamed of since I was in my late teens. I loved all those images in magazines and books of the cozy scene, especially in the Christmas versions of these images. This is my long term goal and the reason I am getting a van to live in so I won't have to pay rent, instead saving my money to buy land and have my cozy little cottage. This goes hand in hand with my idea to be completely self sufficient when it comes to food and energy, thereby preventing all those costs with shopping at stores and paying for utilities. I picked this part of my country to live in due to the fact you can grow anything here. We have both a desert and a rainforest and everything in between. In the south half there is milder climates and longer growing seasons. The winters are mild and less damaging to plants and trees.

Until that long term dream comes true, there are the one's you can rent for a set period of time, days, weeks, months, whatever your need. I will post links here about cabins and lodges, though they will be local to my area, as I do not have the means, as of yet, to learn of those outside this valley.
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Cabins And Lodges
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