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 I Want....

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Faeryl Womyn

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PostSubject: I Want....   Tue Nov 05, 2013 5:16 pm

An 8-Core computer, also called a dual quad.  Such a computer would have the power necessary to render super fast, particularly any animation I do, which does interest me.  Of course I would want a terabyte or 2 or 3.... hard-drive as well, due to the fact I am notorious for downloading at an exponential rate and can fill up a smaller drive faster then you can bat an eyelash...lol  If I got such a computer, I would not need to buy another one for a very long time.

Check some of these links about this type of computer...



Of course if I can't have the 8 core computer then I want a laptop powerful enough to handle all my graphic and rendering needs (basically no crashes, burnouts or extremely slow).  Now the laptop my son and I got for my brother was able to handle the Daz program, it was a dual core and cost less then $400, though it still did not have the harddrive space needed and these things are not that great for upgrading.

Now they do have powerful enough laptops out there for my needs, only I will be looking at closer to $1000 for the costs and I will still need to get an external harddrive...pitfalls of being a download freak for 3D...lol

A laptop takes up less room and completely portable if one is living on the road, so in theory a much better choice.
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I Want....
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